Out Of Europe, Out Of Euro’s

 Out Of Europe, Out Of Euro’s, Out of Government!out

Well what a month of June making headlines for all the wrong reasons. June 23rd was said to be our day of Independence, well divided opinions on that as since the derision to leave the EU all the people who were running the country have decided to carry on running, Cameron has said he will go, Boris has said I don’t want to do it and Gove has said not for me thanks. The Labor party has gone into melt down as Corbyn hangs on by his teeth, and everyone looks around to say well who and what now?? This was all very familiar at the Euros as England crash out to Iceland a country with a population the size of Leicester and more volcano than footballers  they humiliated our premier league players as we watched them looking around for leadership and who and what next attitude.

So we leave and everyone jumps ship including our football team, and today UKIP leader Farage has stepped down after running around claiming it was his victory “when he was not in it to leave” and upsetting everyone in Brussels after insinuating they had not done a decent days work in their lives.

Honestly if this is what our country has come to after 2 weeks of leaving God save Our Queen is all I can say lets hope she sticks it out………..

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