Return of Golden Root Complex!

We are working on the return of the infamous Golden Root Complex.GRC Tight

Please bear with us as we are working on the return of Golden Root Complex.

We have had trouble with our supplier over the past four months resulting in a major loss in our business and the sales of the infamous Golden Root Complex.
We are currently working with a new supplier to try and resolve this issue. They have offered us a new brand of products which we hope to bring to you the early part of November, further details of this brand and the products within it will follow shortly.
I will mention that they have two great products for erectile dysfunction and an after party capsule there is even a capsule to energize you if you are flagging through your working day full details will be on main website soon.

However they are not in a position to supply us with the infamous Golden Root complex.
We have been in touch with the local authorities and a new British Manufacturer who comes highly recommended. They are looking into manufacturing a Golden Root Complex range solely for innovations247. Unfortunately this is a long and drawn out process to get the correct ingredients sourced and get the correct paperwork signed off by all the right authorities.

This process can’t happen quickly enough for us to try and establish our place back in the Market for Erectile dysfunction relief for all our customers.
We are dedicated to the cause and hope that this interruption will soon be filled with a great new range.

We hope that you can trust in us that although we are not currently selling we are working hard to get the infamous Golden Root Complex range back on the market.

We look forward to serving you again soon

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21st April 2017 - 4:33 pm / Reply

Please let me now if golden root complex is available again.thank you

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